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Jane Armour, B.H.S.I.

Author, Inspirational Trainer and Teacher

Dynamic Elevator Speech Workshop

Want to make a lasting, positive impression?

Want people to remember and understand what you do?

Can you say what you do clearly, concisely, in a professional manner and be compelling enough to get a potential client to listen and reply with, “Tell me more” in under 5 seconds?  If you can’t you need this workshop because you are missing out on the most powerful marketing tool you have.  YOU.

If you are working or looking for work, pitching an idea, or want to make a lasting impression, this workshop is crucial to your success.   Studies have shown that about 7% of what we take in while listening to others are the words about 38% is the tone of voice and a whopping 55% is body language.  This tells us that just finding the right words may not be enough to make a positive impression.  Congruency with words, tone and body language is essential for a powerful, lasting impression.

 In part one of this two-part workshop, you will write the perfect words that describe what you do.   In part two you will learn to deliver it in a confidant, compelling, and professional manner that will be congruent and powerful.

Dynamic Elevator Speech Workshop Results:

  • Define what you do in a few words
  • Discover what makes you unique in your field and how to use it
  • Learn the difference between features and benefits
  • Speak to the needs of potential clients
  • Learn to say more with less words
  • Make the impression you want to make
  • Feel and look authentic
  • Be congruent with words, tone and body language
  • Separate yourself from others in your field
  • Gain confidence and professional presence

The next time someone asks you who you are and what you do – be ready to make the lasting, positive impression you want to make.

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